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Toulouse Massage

Discover Toulouse Massage at Arom Dee Thai Massage parlor, the best massage in Toulouse, located in the district of St Michel, near the courthouse, had to make you discover and allow you to inform you about the world of massage, its different names, its virtues …

Arom Dee massage parlor invites you to discover one of the different names of massages in Toulouse, in his living room, to discover the world of Thai and Japanese massage.

Massages offered are only relaxation massages and well-being and not under any circumstances a therapeutic goal.

Different names of the term Massage

There are 3 different names for massages that are practiced in Toulouse and everywhere in France and that we call the therapeutic massage, the aesthetic massage and the relaxation massage.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is a massage performed by a healthcare professional, more precisely by masseur-Physiotherapist.
This type of massage helps to heal a person and it is necessary that therapeutic massage be prescribed by a doctor.

Aesthetic massage (Modeling)

Aesthetic Massage “Modeling” is a body manipulation technique practiced by a beautician.
We find it most often in spas and spas but also in many beauty salons.
On the face, modeling restores elasticity to the skin and thus helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles.
Over body, the manipulation helps to reduce the orange peel.
Unlike other massages , its purpose is uniquely aesthetic, even if it relaxes and relaxes deeply.

Relaxation and well-being massage

Relaxation Massage is only a practice related to the well-being of individuals and in no way to a medical or sexual practice.
It is a relaxation massage that aims to relieve stress and relax the body and mind.

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Benefits of massage

You will find various benefits according to the massages proposed and so numerous, that we will quote you some of them below:

Evacuate repressed emotions, physical and psychic tensions.
-Stimulates the immune and hormonal system.
-Atenes the pain caused by sitting.
-Diminishes muscle pain
-Atch anxiety and depression
-Improves sleep
-Soulage the migraines

Wellness massage federations

There are actually two large wellness massage federations in France that are FFMBE and the FFMTR, both of which are struggling to make known and recognized relaxation massage and well-being but also with the aim that people can access serious massages and quality.

Toulouse Massage Schools

Want to learn how to massage in the city of Toulouse?
We offer a list of several schools below, depending on the type of massage you want to learn, either to train you professionally or simply to massage your spouse.

Massage School’s name

Massage courses offered

AZENDAY Massage’s SchoolBalinese, Ayurvedic, Lomi-Lomi, Hot Stones, Thai Foot Reflexology, Californian / Swedish, Slimming, Traditional Thai, Sitting, Korean Relaxation, Japanese Face, Pregnant Women, Elderly
Training Center TemanaCalifornian Massage, Hot Stone, Hawaiian (Lomi-Lomi), Ayurvedic (Abhyanga), Oriental, Balinese, Swedish, Draining, Slimming, Tuina Slimming, Foot Massage, Thai Oil, Shirotchampi, Aromatherapy and Massage Oil, Woman Pregnant, Kobido, Star, Plantar Reflexology, Korean Relaxation, Thai Ground Massage

Training Center Shen-Ti

Heavy Leg Slimming Massage, Japanese Facial, Ayurvedic, Baby, Pregnant Woman, Belly, Traditional Thai, Qi Gong Workshops Animator, Korean Relaxation, Indian Head (Champissage)
Arnika Massage’s schoolBaby massage, elderly and / or handicapped, pregnant women, arnika, Californian, Balinese, draining, oriental, ayurvedic, shiatsu, tui na, plantar reflection.

Arom Dee’s Toulouse massages

All massages at Arom Dee are only Wellness massages and relaxation.
It is not about medical massages or physiotherapy or massages.
Well-being techniques ideal for relaxation physical and relaxation and in no way sexual.
You’ll find Thai massages such as traditional Thai massage, Thai oil massage, pregnant women’s massage, children’s massage

Precautions and contraindications of the massage

It s not recommended to you in case of:
Circulatory disorders (phlebitis, thrombosis, major varicose veins, inflammation of the joints…)
-Cardiac problems (arteriosclerosis, hypertension…)
-New fractures,
-Important problems of the back (sciatica, lumbago…)
-Heavy diseases (cancer, tumor…)
-Inflammation acute or bruising, Infection, Fever, Diabetes.
-In case of allergies, remember to ask that you be massaged with neutral oils
-In case of open wound or recent burn, massages are not recommended.
-No kneading of the belly when you are pregnant.
And we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor in any case.

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