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Thaï Massage Parlor

Arom Dee Thai Massage is a Thai massage parlor located in Toulouse.

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History of Arom Dee Thai Massage Parlor

Ms. Uraipon, manager of the Arom Dee massage parlor is from the Bangkok region of Thailand.

She attended several trainings at the traditional Wat Po massage school.

In September 2008, she followed the formation of traditional Thai massage.

Then, wishing to diversify, she completed her training with that of foot massage, which she obtained in October of the same year.

Subsequently, she brought her knowledge and practice to the benefit of the association “Heart of Siam”.
Ellze lavished massages voluntarily through various events such as the Festival Made in Asia of Toulouse.

In order to improve herself, she left in June 2013, to train at the school of Wat Po.

At that time, she successfully obtained her certificate of Thai traditional and professional massage as well as the massage with aromatic oils.

Experiencing a lot of pleasure through the practice of massage.
She decided in 2014 to launch her activity and create her own massage parlor.

Being concerned about the well-being it will have to bring to its future customers.
She created a living room with typical Thai decoration.

In addition, she wanted during the creation, that the time of a massage, you can feel, transported to the doors of Siam.

This is partly why she named her salon “Arom Dee“, which means:

“Feeling good mood”

History of Thai massage

More than 2500 years old, the traditional Thai massage is also called Nouat Boran in Thai language.
This massage features Shiatsu, Taoist massage, Indian Ayurvedic massage, and Yoga.
And yet, by his philosophy, he is only like himself. It has the particularity of being able to connect the one who receives it, like the one who gives it.

Thai massage has been rocked by Buddhism since its creation.
It actually originates from India whose founding father would be Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha.
Passed from monk to pupil, it is the king Rama III who in 1830, will definitely leave Nuad Boran out of the shadows.
Since he decided to create Wat Po School.

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