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Relaxation and well-being

Relaxation and well-being are the effects you will feel after a massage session at Arom Dee.

Indeed, the massages that will be lavished on you in the salon are massages of relaxation and well-being and in no case massages with therapeutic virtue.

Objectives of relaxation

At first, the goals of relaxation will allow you to let go and forget for a moment the outside world.
Then untie the parts of your body that are tied by the stress of everyday life.
In the end, with the common goal of allowing you to come out relaxed and unwind from stress.

Relaxation techniques

Techniques of relaxation practiced at Arom Dee massage parlor are based on stretching, pressure and exchange between the masseur and the person being massaged.

Relaxation-and-well-being Relaxation and well-beingRelaxation-and-well-being-2 Relaxation and well-being

Relaxation accessories

Various relaxation accessories are used at Arom Dee such as:
-The wooden reflexology stick for foot massages
-The Thai herb pouch for Thai herbal massages

If you would be interested in buying relaxation accessories, we recommend our partner shop Arasia in Toulouse.

Well-being and relaxation music

Throughout the day, Arom Dee will broadcast music of relaxation so that your moment of relaxation is as relaxing as possible.

Well-being and relaxation gift

If you want to share this moment of well-being and relaxation, you will be able to buy a gift voucher on site or receive it directly at your address.

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