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Partenaire Phasa Thai

Discover the Thai language with the Phasa Thai language school, whose roots are lost in the Sukhothai Kingdom.

Develop your knowledge of Thai culture.

Partenaire Au coeur du siam

Franco-Thai humanitarian association which, through the Thai culture has the main goal to help the poorest people in northeastern Thailand.

Partenaire nakitail fighting

Organize, develop, promote by all legal means, the teaching, the expansion and the practice of MUAYTHAI and associated disciplines: Thai boxing, Thai boxing, Maï Muay Thai, Muay Boran.

Partenaire Arasia

Boutique Ethical Trade, Here you will find handicrafts imported from Asia. Thai pants, harem pants, wall hanging, jewels, decoration, incense etc …

Partenaire Sepak takraw

Association of Sepak Takraw Toulousain.

Mix of football and volleyball, the takraw is played on foot, on a badminton court with a braided ball.

Partenaire Miam Thai


Authentic Thai Cuisine

Miam Thaï, the story of a French woman fallen in love with Thailand … and her cooking!

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31400, Toulouse


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Monday – Friday : 10H30 – 19H00

Saturday : 10H30 – 19H00

Wednesday : Close

Dimanche : Appointment only

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