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You will find below all Massages in Solo and Massages in Duo lavished at Arom Dee Thai Massage in Toulouse.

All solo massages or duo massages at Arom Dee are only relaxation and well being massages and not under any circumstances any therapeutic connatation.

We invite you to consult our code of ethics concerning the conditions of reservations as well as the conditions and precautions related to the massages practiced in the Arom Dee massage parlor.

Massage Toulouse Solo

Massages Solo

All about Solo Massages offered by Arom Dee Thai Massage.

Massage Toulouse Duo

Massages Duo

All about Duo Massages offered by Arom Dee Thai Massage.

Thai body scrub

Thaï Body Scrub

All the facts about the Thai Scrubs at Arom Dee.

Rates Massages

All Arom Dee massage rates are listed on each corresponding massage page and can be downloaded below by clicking on the Rates image.

The rates of public holidays will be increased by 20%, compared to the initial price.

Prices massages

Advantages and disadvantages of Massages

Discover all the advantages and disadvantages when practicing relaxation massages.
Arom Dee informs you about this and advises you to refer to your doctor for any specific questions about your health.

Oil Massage

Benefits of Massage

For your oil massages, Arom Dee will use massage oils imported from Thailand and neutral oils from France for pregnant and allergic people.

The benefits are many:
Relaxing and relaxing
Muscle relaxation
Ideal for couples sensuality

Against indications of Oils Massage

Massages are not recommended in case of:
Circulatory disorders (phlebitis, thrombosis, large varicose veins, inflammation of the joints …)
Cardiac problems (arteriosclerosis, hypertension …)
New fractures
Important problems of the back (sciatica, lumbago …)
Heavy pathologies (cancer, tumor …)
Inflammation acute or bruising, Infection, Fever, Diabetes
In case of allergies, remember to ask that you be massaged with neutral oils
In case of open wound or recent burn
No belly kneading when you are pregnant

Oil Massage Toulouse

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