Massage Solo

Massage Solo

Solo massages at Arom Dee Thai massage are relaxation massages that will be practiced in the individual cabin.
Enjoy a solo massage in privacy in a setting conducive to relaxation.

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Solo oil Massage

Oil Massage Solo

The Solo Massage with Oils is practiced by fluid and harmonious movements, accompanied by light percussion and moderate stretching.

1h at 60€ | 1h30 at 85€ | 2h00 at 110€

Solo Thai Massage

Thai Massage Solo 

Traditional Thai Solo Massage has its origins in Asia and several techniques including yoga and meditation. This massage is done on futon, with a large and comfortable outfit.

1h at 60€ | 1h30 at 85€ | 2h00 at 110€

Solo coco oil Massage

Coco Oil Massage Solo 

Coco Solo Oils Massage is a relaxing massage performed on your skin. The benefits of Coco massage oil are multiple in terms of health, beauty and relaxation.

1h00 at 70€ | 1h30 at 100€

Solo Herbals Massage

Herbals Massage Solo 

The Solo Herbal Massage is lavished with a pouch containing various herbs such as cassumunar, camphor and caffir, previously heated by steam.

1h30 at 90€ | 2h00 at 120€

Solo Foot Massage

Foot Massage Solo

The Solo Foot Massage or foot reflexology is a deep pressure massage and is based on cream and / or oil.

30min at 40€ | 45 min at 50€

Solo Back Massage

Back Massage Solo

Solo Back Massage is a massage of stretching, effleurage, kneading and percussion performed on a futon and lavished without the need to take off your clothes.

30min at 40€ | 45min at 50€

Solo Face Massage

Face Massage Solo

The Solo Facial Massage or Kobido massage is a natural lifting method with a rejuvenating effect and also helps to fight against stress.

30min at 40€ | 45min at 50€

Solo 4 Hands Massage

4 Hands Massage

The 4 Hands Solo Massage amplifies the relaxing effect of traditional massage, because it is practiced by two masseuses simultaneously.

1h at 120€ | 1h30 at 170€

Solo Children Massage

Children Massage Solo 

A great time to share with family!

This Solo Kids Massage is only practiced on children between 5 and 15 years old.

40min at 60€ | 1h00 at 80€

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