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Ethical charter

Booking and cancellation conditions

We advise you to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time of your appointment.
This will allow you to change and prepare for the massage.

By politeness, we would be grateful if you would inform us as soon as possible of your delay.

Any delay may result in a decrease in the duration of the service equal to the length of the delay.

Your appointment may be canceled more than 30 minutes late.

No refunds will be made for the following cases:
– a cancellation received less than 24 hours before the appointment,
– a service or the customer will have arrived more than 30 minutes late,
– the client did not show up for the appointment.

Conditions of use of gift vouchers

Gift vouchers have a validity of 3 months and after this validity date, the benefit will be lost.

Any appointment taken via a gift voucher and not honored, will result in the cancellation of the corresponding gift voucher.

People with a gift voucher must present it at the appointment.

However, the Arom Dee Lounge, allows you for an additional 20% compared to the initial price of the service not to lose your gift voucher.

Massages offered at Arom Dee
The massages that are offered at Arom Dee are only massages of well-being and relaxation.

Taking into account the law of April 30, 1946, and the decree 60 669 of July 4, 1960, article 489l and the order of October 8, 1996, it is not about medical massages or physiotherapy.

Thai and Japanese relaxation techniques ideal for physical relaxation and relaxation, and in no way sexual.


The massages at Arom Dee are practiced with the greatest respect for modesty and the privacy of the person received.

Any intimacy of the client is ensured during the undressing and dressing.

During the performance, the person will be entitled to a disposable undergarment or loose Thai clothing for traditional Thai massage.

Gestures moved or malicious
All massages are practiced with the wearing of disposable undergarment or loose clothing.

Arom Dee reserves the right to refuse the massage on anyone refusing to wear at least one disposable undergarment.

In addition, any inappropriate or inappropriate gestures will inevitably lead to the stop of the massage and the billing of it.

Precautions and counter indications

Massages are not recommended in case of:
Circulatory disorders (phlebitis, thrombosis, major varicose veins, inflammation of the joints …)
– Cardiac problems (arteriosclerosis, hypertension …)
-New fractures,
-Important problems of the back (sciatica, lumbago …)
-Heavy diseases (cancer, tumor …)
-Inflammation acute or bruising, Infection, Fever, Diabetes.
-In case of allergies, remember to ask that you be massaged with neutral oils
-In case of open wound or recent burn, massages are not recommended.
-No kneading of the belly when you are pregnant.
And we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor in any case.

Do not hesitate to consult our “massage info” page

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