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Coconut oil massage

Coconut oil massage is relaxing massage realized on your skin.

It is practiced by smooth and harmonious movements, accompanied by light percussions, moderate stretches by focusing on the energy lines of your body and the most tense muscular areas.

You will be lying on professional massages tables Malea so that your relaxation is optimal.


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The Benefits of Coco Massage Oil

The Benefits of Coco Massage Oil are multiple in terms of health, beauty and relaxation.

This massage with oils allows to moisturize the skin, relax, relax

massage-huiles-coco-toulouse Coconut oil massagemassage-huiles-coco Coconut oil massage

Precautions and counter indications of Massage Coconut oil massage:

Massages are not recommended in case of:
Circulatory disorders (phlebitis, thrombosis, major varicose veins, inflammation of the joints…)
-Cardiac problems (arteriosclerosis, hypertension…)
-New fractures
-Important problems of the back (sciatica, lumbago…)
-Heavy diseases (cancer, tumor…)
-Inflammation or bruising, Infection, Fever, Diabetes
-In case of allergies, remember to ask that you be massaged with neutral oils
-In case of open wound or recent burn, massages are not recommended
-No belly kneading when you are pregnant

For more information about massages, please visit our info page.

But we strongly advise you to seek the advice of your doctor in any case.

Coco Oils Massage Rates:

Please find below the Coco Oils Massage Rates from Arom Dee Thai Massage and feel free to contact us for more additional information.

Massage 1h00
Solo 70€
Duo 130€
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Massage 1h30
Solo 100€
Duo 190€
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